General informational partner
magazine Opinion Leader
OL magazine focuses on professional medicine issues, opinions of the medicine community leaders as well as reviews useful goods and products for the health professionals. Every issue deals with one of the fields of medicine and highlights important industry events, information of communities of professionals, academic departments, clinics, announcements and reports about events, experts inteview on their work and life, news from manufactures and distributors, the latest studies results, treatment modes, wide range of information about educational possibilities, legal consultation. OL is not for sale. Edition: 2 500 copies

Educational Web Portal С Exclusive partner of video broadcast
Private web portal for doctors of different fields. The number of subscribers exceeds 6,500 people. The portal is filled with scientific publications from the fields of orthopedics, traumatology, surgery, neurosurgery, dentistry, anesthetics, emergency medicine, therapy, rehabilitation, and registered users can supply new articles. There is an online conference room available for up to 1,500 connections and live streaming with 10 parallel streams. There are deferred and real live streaming (with the possibility of live discussion). Virtual exhibition hall is available for parallel online seminars, distribution of materials, educational videos.

India Medical Times
India Medical Times is India's most credible medical news portal informing and engaging doctors from across specialties and regions in India. IMT provides medical industry news, information about the latest medical developments, upcoming medical conferences and CMEs, medical research updates, clinical advances, interviews of senior medical professionals, high quality medical articles written by subject experts, features on related issues, career opportunities etc. related to the interests of India's medical professionals.

Medgate Today
Medgate Today is one of the leading International Magazine of Healthcare, which is having a very strong presence in Asia . Headquartered in India and having a pan India presence on a larger scale, Medgate Today caters the Doctors and Hospitals in Asia. It is a unique platform catering to diverse health & lifestyle sectors (ranging from health writers, doctors, hospitals, pharma companies, domestic, Medical & Dental colleges, hospital, doctor, Diagnostic center,Physiotherapy, Ayurveda, nature & Yoga, Homeopathy, Bio-Medical equipment industry, including the medical professionals. Corporate Houses, Retailers & Dealers & like) in providing the latest updates in the world of medicine, health, fitness & well-being and segments of lifestyle as well.

Medgate Today is acting as a bridge in the Healthcare arena and this media organization is very much centric to objectivity and reports without any prejudice approach on healthcare issues in India and abroad therefore maintaining the code of ethics and standards of healthcare journalism., launched in 1999, serves as an online portal for connecting regional and international pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device companies, healthcare providers and hospitals, government agencies and policy-makers, investors and academia, and other interested parties seeking to expand their presence in the Arab World. The portal covers over 30 medical specialty fields to include disease-specific topics, medical education and training, market information and intelligence, conferences and events coverage, medical news, and other market-making services to help healthcare professionals and organizations successfully access and navigate the healthcare markets of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.
To learn more visit –

Chinese Journal of Orthopaedic Trauma
Chinese Journal of Orthopaedic Trauma is a first-grade medical publication sponsored by Chinese Medical Association, the most authoritative national medical institution in China, and published in Southern Medical University, Guangzhou, China. It is a top academic periodical for orthopaedic and traumatological professionals and clinical surgeons who share an interest in traumatology, orthopaedics, hand surgery and microsurgery in China. It started in September 1999 as a quarterly and has been expanded since 2004 into a monthly publication.

EastRussia News&Analytics Agency
EastRussia effectively combines three information products: the Internet portal, the EastRussia magazine and a weekly newsletter for commercial subscribers. Since 2013, the project has proved to be a source of high-quality business information on the Russian Far East. Our regular readers are representatives of Russian and foreign companies who value an objective presentation of information, quality assessment and analytics.
The weekly EastRussia newsletter is intended for top managers, government officials, and research institutes. It conveniently summarizes the news and analysis of state regulation in the Far East, as well as key information on the economic and political situation.

Promishlenny Vestnik is a magazine and Internet portal
"Promishlenny Vestnik" is a magazine and Internet portal with more than ten years history. Now the magazine is published in both print and electronic format for iPad, Android devices. It is distributed at trade shows and in business centers.
The portal is visited by more than 200,000 industry professionals, Directors of enterprises, businessmen and investors.
Portal is a news partner of Yandex.News and daily it publishes the latest information about all the industries and automotive industry news, the most important events in the economy, business and Finance for business.

Eurasian Center
The Eurasian Center was founded in 2013 by Rossiya Segodnya News Agency (former RIA Novosti). It offers a full range of PR-and GR-services, including сarrying out press events of any format in Russia and abroad, providing business informational and analytics, strategic consulting, realization of PR-campaigns, promotion of consumer and corporate brands, social media marketing. The Eurasian Center organizes its own events. NeForum of bloggers – an annual meeting of active users of social media, the most prestigious event in the Russian language segment of the Internet. Eurasian Economic Congress – one of the largest communication platforms for a direct dialogue of business, mass media and public authorities in the Eurasian Economic Union countries. The Eurasian Center is a co-founder of the Italian news agency Eurasiat'x, which informs the European audience on economic and financial news of Eurasia (broadcasting is performed in three languages – English, Italian and Russian).

Social Navigator project
Social Navigator is an informational and educational project of the International Informational Agency Rossia Segodnya devoted to covering a wide range of socially important issues: medicine, education, palliative care, charity, volunteer movement, migration issues.
The project has become laureate of a number of prestigious Russian prizes, including the Prize of Runet, SoUchastie, The Best Social Projects of Russia National Program (2012, 2015 and 2016).

Remedium Group of Companies
Group of Companies renders the whole range of services for specialists in the field of medicine and pharmaceutics. For years the principle directions of activity of Remedium Group of Companies are publication of particularized periodicals, assignment of electronic databases, arrangement and implementation of measures, rent-a-rep service, organization of advertisement and PR support.

RIA AMI was established by stated owned information agency TASS in 2005. Ministry of Public Healthcare of Russia became the beneficiary of the agency at 2012. RIA AMI focuses on news and analytics of public healthcare, medicine, pharmacology and healthy life style. is the specialized portal for doctors and health officials includes the news feed, library of professional publications, medical knowledge base «Encyclomedia» and video channel Medvestnik-TV. According to the «Medialogy» system for 2016 is in the Top-10 most cited media resources in the medical and pharmaceutical industry.

Business magazine on healthcare industry Vademecum
Business magazine Vademecum is addressed for healthcare industry professionals, as well as for those who are interested in the branch worth 2 trillion rub. Vademecum covers diverse issues of the state policy in the Healthcare sphere, and views the pharmaceutical and medicine industries as a quickly expanding market, which is of great interest for investors.

Portal for traumatologists-orthopedists
The portal for traumatologists-orthopedists was launched in 2015 on the initiative of Stepan Firtstov, the director of the Chelyabinsk Trauma Clinic FMC. The project provides opportunities for continuous education and grants access to professional information: events calendar, conference videos and broadcasts, as well as regularly updated section «Science magazines» that features articles on traumatology and orthopedics published in 26 Russian and foreign editions. To access full information you need to sign up.

Vidal Rus, ZAO
Vidal company is a leading international source of information on pharmacutical drugs. We are engaged in releasing the following reference books of pharmacutical drugs: an annual traditional "big" Vidal Reference Book and issues do doctors of different specialties, Vidal Veterinary Reference Book, as well as other issues and educative information for patients in cooperation with Krames international company.

Apart from printed issues, our information is available in different digital formats: on our website, in dozens of informational systems on pharmacy, used by thousands of hospitals and chemists shops, and also in reference books for personal computers and mobile devices. Alongside with the traditional Vidal Reference Book, we release on an annual basis many other books as well: series of books Vidal Specialist and Vidal Veterinary. All of our issues are widely distributed among doctors free of charge. We stick to this principle in Russia and Belarus. In each region a database of doctors of different specialties is created so as we could distribute our issues. We devote much attention to the improvement of the delivery methods which can help to deliver books to medical specialists.

Otraslevye spravochniki Co. Ltd.
Founder and publisher of magazines : "Russian manufacturers of medical equipment", "Medical equipment, "Rehabilitation", "Modern laboratory diagnostics". E-mailing on the basis of medical institutions, advertising on websites :,

Medical journal Liferwork
A specialized magazine for representatives of the wide medical society that publishes practical and analytical materials focused on innovative approaches, unique techniques and promosing medical discoveries. Healthcare professionals appreciate the edition as a source of scientific and practical knowledge. Thematic issues of the magazine disclose achievements and difficulties of the medicine industry, feature interviews of the chief specialists of the Ministry of Health of Tatarstan and the leading figures of medical society.

Reviewed scientific-practical journal Modern Medicine
The journal "Modern Medicine" was founded in 2015 with the aim of covering a wide range of theoretical and applied issues for physicians of various professions practicing in the field of public health. The mission of the new medical publication is to highlight the current achievements and trends in medical science and practice in a multidisciplinary manner and to introduce a large number of specialists within the framework of ongoing scientific and practical activities. The magazine accepts scientific reviews, articles of a scientific and practical topics for all medical specialties. All articles are reviewed. The editorial board of the journal "Modern Medicine" invites researchers, doctors, teachers, job seekers and graduate students to cooperate and thanks for choosing our publication. Format: А 4, from 100 pages. Circulation: 5000 copies.

Professional online community for Russian-speaking HCPs iVrach
iVrach is a professional online community for Russian-speaking HCPs. It is a place where doctors can exchange their observations and questions about clinical issues, as well as participate in various educational activities.

iVrach members use their real identities. This enables each member verification and creates an atmosphere of trust necessary for effective professional collaboration. By applying emerging web trends and technologies iVrach not only enhances physician to physician interactions but also facilitates effective dialogue between HCP community and the industry.

Professional сommunity
Vrachi RF – is the first edetailng 2.0 system in Russia with the audience of over 470K MDs, the largest groups in Facebook, Odnoklassniki, Vkontakte, and the largest personal doctors' emails data base on the market. «Vrachi RF» is an active member of «Skolkovo Foundation».

Professional educational social network for doctors (Doctors United) is an educational social network for doctors. The web portal editors have prepared over 1000 exclusive educational videos for different medical specialists. The video archive includes recorded conference reports on vital topics, video-lectures by Russian and foreign PhDs in medicine, documentaries and interviews on relevant medical issues. Our web portal regularly holds webinars which provides you with a unique opportunity to ask questions on-line. encourages knowledge exchange, professional communication, and forming new occupational contacts. Feel free to join us!"

Internet data portal
MEDALMANAH - a unique private social-information environment, which presents the review of Russian and International medical events, the latest medical research and development, webcast of professional events, calendar of birthdays colleagues and other useful information and tips as may be necessary for medical profession in the daily activities.

Federal medical informational Internet-portal
The federal medical informational Internet-portal with more than 2 million visitors monthly, who come to the portal in search of information in the following divisions: Division for doctors, Division for patients, Hospitals & clinics. provides its visitors with: the full database of medicines with INN search engine, forum for patients and doctors' dialogues, сalendar of medical events all over the Russian Federation, online education for doctors, medical articles and news and much more.

Specialized portal
The information and education online resource for oncology specialists: oncology updates, diagnostic aids, the therapies of cancer, articles, conference information.

The Kazakhstan Pharmaceutical Herald
Specialized edition for participants of the pharmaceutical market. The newspaper is regularly read by managers of the retail, distribution and manufacturing sectors of the pharmaceutical and drugstore markets, organizers of the health care and drug provision. The newspaper publishes materials on pharmaceutical business, analytical reviews; normative and legal acts of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan; clinical experience of drug use. The publication reflects the foreign experience of the organization of medical and medicinal care, pharmaceutical business.

The website PHARMNEWS.KZ is one of the best professional pharmaceutical Internet resources in the CIS, which covers the world and Republican pharmacy news; information about registered drugs, medical devices and health care products, wholesale medicine prices; and the provision of the legislative framework of the industry.

Publishing House "Medforum", LLC
The publishing house "MedForum" out medical journals: series for practitioners "Effective Pharmacotherapy" in various medical specialties: Gastroenterology; Kardiologiya and Angiology; Urologiya; Endocrinologist and etc. Journal " Vestnik Semeynoy Mediciny", magazine for pharmacists "Pharmacy business". Magazine « Hi + Med. High Technology in Medicine» " - a unique publication for a wide range of health professionals.

Information about the «Hi + Med. High Technology in Medicine» magazine
«HI + MED. High Technology in Medicine» magazine - a unique publication for a wide range of health professionals, diagnosticians, clinicians, chief medical health care facilities and specialists of relevant ministries and agencies, the organizers of the health system managers, medical and pharmaceutical companies.

The project is devoted to coverage of basic and applied problems related to implementation of new technologies in the healthcare practice area. This include funding for innovation and venture capital projects in healthcare, planning and construction of new clinics, equipping them with high-tech equipment, the establishment of medical work in technologies based on the principles of GLP (Standard «Good Laboratory Practice»), molecular diagnostics, clinical decisions using the methods of evidence-based medicine and pharmaco-economic analysis, the principles of simulation and simulation of control systems control the disease.

LLC "Medical Marketing Agency "MediaMedica"
"MediaMedica" presents medical journals for postgrade education for Russian doctors. There are 25 medical magazines & newspapers, such as: "Consilium Medicum", "Gynecology", "Gastroenterology", "Pulmonology", "Modern Oncology", "Psychiatry and psychopharmacotherapy", "Surgery Infections", "Cardiosomatika", "Pervostolnik", "Dental Tribune Russia". Also MM publishes books and handbooks. All the magazines are distributed free of charge.

Medical research portal Костная-пластика.рф
Medical research portal Костная-пластика.рф provides practitioners and students of medical schools the opportunity to learn about the latest advancements in bone grafting and bone surgery in the most convenient formats to subsequently apply modern solutions in practice.
The site regularly publishes bone grafting news, scientific articles and monographs, videos for bone surgery, various presentations by experts in the field of regenerative medicine.

Federal trade magazine Who is Who in medicine
The magazine provides multilateral dialogue on a program implementation of health care, development of modern medical technologies, enhancement of organizational activities, search of effective innovative solutions, serves as the tool in personnel policy strengthening reputation and stimulating the best employees providing progress and professional success of domestic medicine. Read articles of the colleagues and join dialogue on

Medical portal, directory
Yellmed – is a catalog of Russian and foreign medical establishments with an actual and reliable information; Russian and international medical, sports and beauty news; interviews with experts; medical events and conferences; medical reference book with common diseases and it's sympthoms, methods of diagnosis and treatment; doctor apointments in Moscow. Yellmed - all about Russian medicine and more!

Anaesthesia, Pain & Intensive Care Journal
'Anaesthesia, Pain & Intensive Care' (APICARE) is a peer reviewed journal and is managed by an International editorial board. The magazine first appeared in 1997 and represents four sister specialties of Anesthesiology, Pain Management, Intensive Care as well as Resuscitation. It is an official publication of Pakistan Society of Anesthesiologists and Pakistan Resuscitation Society.
We publish research articles pouring in from around the globe. We have adopted a dual online manuscript submission, tracking and reviewing system. The journal has since thrived, and now boasts to be one of the leading research oriented journals of the region. Our area of circulation encompasses whole of South Asia and the Middle East and the journal is indexed / abstracted by many of the international agencies. It has been registered by Pakistan Medical & Dental Council and recognized by Higher Education Commission of Pakistan.

Medical News
Medical News established since 1968 is the pioneer of medical journalism in Pakistan and currently publishes Medical News, Dental News, Agro Veterinary News and the Journal of Pakistan Dental Association besides many corporate newsletters.
Editorially, the fortnightly has kept up an immaculate image of being an authoritative, investigative and non-partisan medical journal in Pakistan. Its independent stance free from the influence of vested interests has won it wide appreciation and credibility. Keeping in view the diversified tastes of our wide spectrum readership, the contents of the periodical are designed to meet the specific requirements of the professionals who constitute our readership.

Information & Analytical Agency specializing in 3D technology
3D printing is a new unexplored and very interesting topic nowadays. We created «3D Pulse» project to keep you informed about all news from the world of 3D technologies. It is used in many scientific fields — medicine, architecture, jewelry, transport. If you are interested in all modern technologies, welcome to «3D Pulse» project!
You will find the latest articles of 3D printing, modeling, scanning, manufacturers and developers of 3D printers and other devices, as well as the hot news from researchers and surprising predictions for the future of 3D technologies. And remember one thing. The future is approaching faster while you keep a hand on the pulse of 3D world!

3Dtoday is portal for amateurs and professionals interested in 3D print and related technologies. Our mission is to provide comprehensive information on technologies of additive production, as well as to enable our visitors to share their knowledge with each other.

News is a daily news review of the defense industry of Russia and other countries. The project aims at promoting the interests of defense companies on the Internet.
Today is:
1. the leader among daily news reviews with over 120 sources of information;
2. the largest public database of articles in defense industry in Runet with over 170 thousand published materials;
3. over 18,000 registered users from all over Russia and other countries.

Chinese Journal of Trauma
The Chinese Journal of Trauma, founded in 1985, is an advanced monthly medical journal that reports almost all development and achievements in traumatic medicine in China. It focuses on clinical investigations and basic scientific researches, and covers the following areas: compound injury treatment, trauma scoring, traffic injury study, epidemiology and management of regional injury, molecular biology and immunology of trauma. The journal includes Editorial, Forum for Experts, Original Articles, Case Reports, Reviews, New Techniques and Experiences Exchange, etc.
The editorial committee consists of distinguished experts from all China including Hong Kong, as well as from Taiwan. The Editor-in-Chief, academician Wang Zhengguo, is a world-famous expert in trauma medicine.

First National Publication
The Russian network publication First National is an independent media open to dialogue. Our readers are people all over the world. It is focussed on different spheres of life, interregional cooperation and international good-neighbour relations.
Media promotes education and new technologies, creates a balance of information interests of the society, government and business, supports positive traditions and interests of citizens. It works with the participation of the Russian Information Agency «National Alliance» and the Medical Information Agency «Patient Health and Protection: Health, Medicine and Pharmacy News».

The Arab Hospital Magazine
The Arab Hospital aims for excellence, reliability and most importantly professional journalism and our mission is to enlighten our societies on the importance of a well-managed and developed Health Care field. The Arab Hospital Magazine has correspondents across the region and is a rich source of news on the Health Care sector presented in a fresh and modern format.
The magazine is available monthly throughout the Gulf area, the Levant and North Africa with a total circulation of 65,000 copies. Our subscribers are mostly ministries of health, hospitals, private clinics, universities, health care related industries (pharmaceutical, equipment suppliers, IT, insurance), doctors and health conscious readers. The Arab Hospital is available in all relevant bookshops in the Arab world, in the hospitals and clinics of the region, doctor's waiting rooms, relevant university departments and libraries, and distributed by mail to all key Health Care professionals.

Publishing House "Russian Doctor"
Publishing House "Russian Doctor" was established in 1995 and since then it has been keeping the Russian traditions of scientific and practical magazines. It publishes the following journals: Vrach, a leading magazine for all medicine specialties; Molecular Medicine, that publishes results of scientific researches for the development of new methods of diagnosis and therapy of human diseases; Pharmatsii, that is devoted to modern pharmaceutics; Sports Medicine: Science and Practice, the first Russian edition specialized in sports medicine and anti-doping measures; as well as magazines Medical Nurse and Issues of Biological, Medical and Pharmaceutical Chemistry.

Spinal News International
Spinal News International is a niche news platform dedicated to spine specialists. It contains latest news, opinion from thought leaders, summarises of cutting-edge research, expert analysis, conference coverage and updates on the latest products in the spinal arena.

Magazine «Medicine: target projects»
Medicine: Targets Projects is a specialized magazine for healthcare providers and specialists, medical and pharmaceutics workers. An information platform for professionals.
The magazine articles (quotes) are used in the Russian Science Citation Index. Periodic publication international registration ISSN 2311-1712.

Magazine The Department of Traumatology and Orthopedics
"The Department of Traumatology and Orthopedics" is a scientific and practical periodical whose purpose is to cover modern trends and technologies in the treatment of injuries and diseases of the musculoskeletal system, based on experimental, theoretical and clinical studies, as well as issues of continuing medical education at universities. The journal is intended for orthopedic surgeons, teachers, students, residents and graduate students of higher education institutions, doctors of related specialties.

Scientific academic journal Pediatric Traumatology, Orthopaedics and Reconstructive Surgery
The Journal founders are the Turner Scientific and Research Institute for Children's Orthopedics of Ministry of Healthcare of Russian Federation and Eco-Vector, LLC. Editor-in-Cheif: professor Baindurashvili A.G. The target audience of the journal is researches, physicians, orthopedic trauma, burn, and pediatric surgeons, anesthesiologists, pediatricians, neurologists, oral surgeons, and all specialists in related fields of medicine.The Journal is included into the "List of leading scientific peer-reviewed journals, where principal data of applicants for scientific degree has to be published". The journal is indexing in the following international databases and directory editions: Russian Scientific Citation Index, SCOPUS, Google Scholar, Ulrich's Periodical Directory, WorldCat, DOAJ.

Journal Restorative Medicine & Rehabilitation
Journal was founded in 2002 by the "Association of Specialists in Restorative Medicine" and FGBU "Russian Scientific Center for Medical Rehabilitation and Balneology", included in the List of Russian peer-reviewed scientific journals of the Higher Attestation Commission and is the official publication organ of the Union of Russian Rehabilitators. Scientific directions of the periodical journal are: biological and medical sciences. The magazine publishes original review and discussion articles devoted to the issues of neurorehabilitation, the organization of the rehabilitation process, diagnostics, the usage of rehabilitation technologies, the expert evaluation of the effectiveness of rehabilitation activities, the multidisciplinary interaction of a wide variety of specialists, who decide the issues of functioning changes of the patient. The journal is published 6 times a year on such topics as medical rehabilitation in traumatology, cardiology, oncology, pediatrics and neurorehabilitation.

Moscow Surgical Journal
The journal is the organ of the Moscow society of surgeons. The main objective of the journal is informing the medical community about the latest achievements of innovative technologies in the theory and practice of modern surgery, gynecology, urology, proctology, traumatology and orthopedics, and plastic surgery. The publication is intended for surgeons of General profile, which often has to solve not only the surgical problem, but to be a urologist, traumatologist, a gynecologist - surgeon in the broadest sense of the word.

Swiss Health Magazine
Swiss Health Magazine, the main project of Laemmli Media, goes for 6 years, and has become a unique media platform to introduce the Swiss health care system on the international market.
The purpose and main idea of Swiss Health Magazine is promotion of Switzerland as a place for healing. We raise relevant medical topics and health issues. In every new release we present the best doctors, hospitals and hotels in Switzerland and also health products.